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The Future’s So Bright, I Need 3D Glasses

While Aneesh Chopra, Julius Genachowski and other Obama administration officials took the spotlight in Last Vegas last week, the real star at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show was 3D.

  • On Monday, we learned that James Cameron’s 3D Epic Avatar reached the $1 billion mark faster than any other movie in history – 17 days.
  • On Tuesday, the Discovery Channel, IMAX and Sony announced that they were creating a domestic cable channel focused exclusively on 3D content.
  • And on Wednesday, ESPN delighted soccer fans all over the world by announcing that in June, it would start broadcasting in 3D, just in the time for the World Cup. Arriva!

Indeed, 3D was the star in last week’s other big CES story – the rebirth of the television set, now slimmer, internet-connected and of course, 3D-enabled (reviews and some cool photos on this anandtech blog post). The phenom got several people waxing poetic and peering into crystal balls – including Marc Cuban who was so inspired, he quoted Timothy Leary.

3D just might be one of the best gifts that content providers receive in 2010.  Viewing a 3D movie is a unique experience that cannot be replicated by a 2D version posted on hulu or YouTube. Assuming a good library of content and the right price, this technology has the potential to lure and keep viewers behind a content wall.  And manufacturers are excited too.  After all, if they can’t get you to purchase a $9000 TV , there’s always those nerdy glasses.

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