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Digital Clues to the end of Lost

In a few minutes, the 6th and final season of Lost will premiere on the West Coast.  Like many Lost Heads, I’ve eagerly awaited this date.  Will the plan work and will a hydrogen bomb catapult our team back to the present day, re-setting all the craziness of the last 5 seasons?

I’m writing about Lost on this blog because it represents everything that is great about digital content today.  Of course, it’s a highly creative, award-winning show with a kickass storyline.  But the great thing about Lost is that its story lives on beyond the end of each episode.  In fact, the show’s creators and ABC have done an amazing job seeding the web with  fan-focused sites to cater to the most obsessive of us.  You can look up every piece of Lost trivia – no matter how trivial – in the Lostopedia (jointly sponsored with Entertainment Weekly), or even enroll in an online course on the Physics of Time Travel at Lost University.

The latest digital teaser has got me thinking about how Lost will end – just what ABC intended to do when it released 3 promo photographs last month.  The photos, inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci’s The Last Supper, offer clues to the Season 6 storyline via a tableau of Lost cast members in various stages of conversation.  One version features the group in conversation, another has everyone staring at Locke and yet another version has everyone staring at you (the reader).  What do these enigmatic photos tell us?  Based on my analysis, here are some initial predictions:

  • Kate & Sawyer end up together (because they are sitting together in each of the photos).
  • John Locke is a Savior of some sort, with Jack following closely behind in some sort of supporting role (they are next to each other in each photo, Locke sits and stares ahead while Jack hovers over him).
  • Jin and Sun are reunited in one reality, but not in another (they are not always together in each version of the photos)
  • I guess that means that we are still dealing with two different realities.
  • Frank Lapidus becomes an “Other.”
  • Juliet is gone (she is not featured in any of the photos).  Does this mean that the team still makes it back to the present day successfully?

I will probably revise these by the time next Tuesday rolls around.  Enjoy the show!

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