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As principal and founder of Nayak Strategies, Saira Nayak helps clients identify and execute successful strategies that inform regulators of the important legal and policy issues implicated by current technologies.

Saira has worked on a wide range of antitrust and consumer protection issues with federal (USDOJ, FTC and Congress) and state regulators for nearly a decade. She has significant expertise in the new breed of online consumer issues – data security, user privacy, age verification and interoperability – that many companies continue to face as they build and strengthen their online businesses.

Saira was formerly Antitrust Counsel for the National Association of Attorneys General (“NAAG”) where she was responsible for coordinating multistate antitrust investigations and litigation among AG offices.  She analyzed important regulatory and legislative matters for the Attorneys General and their staff, and worked directly with US Congressional staff on key legislation that impacted the States e.g. the Hatch-Waxman amendments to the 2003 Medicare Prescription Drug Improvement & Modernization Act.

In private practice at Dickstein Shapiro, Saira counseled a wide variety of clients on state compliance matters.  She represented SBC Services Inc. and AT&T in connection with the state AG review of their merger that was successfully cleared in 2005.  She also helped secure amicus support from over 40 AGs for the entertainment industry’s position in the Supreme Court case of MGM v. Grokster.

Most recently, Saira worked in policy and government affairs at Microsoft Corporation, focusing on competition and intellectual property policy issues for the world’s largest software company.  She was responsible for outreach to regulators and “third parties” (academics, think tanks) on product launches such as Windows Vista, and technological developments such as online advertising/search and cloud computing.  She worked on the company’s compliance efforts pursuant to the US Consent Decree between Microsoft, the US DOJ and several state AGs.  She also advised Microsoft on their state legislative strategy in the areas of online privacy and data security.

Saira, a native of San Francisco, California, received her undergraduate degree from the University of San Francisco in 1994, and her J.D. from Boston University in 1998.  She currently resides in Berkeley, California with her partner, Trevor Wagner.

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