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New Tucker Carlson political site aims to “explain” government

January 11, 2010 Leave a comment

Tucker Carlson of Fox and bowtie fame launched what might become the conservatives answer to Huff Post today- the Daily Caller. Carlson insists that that the goal of the site is “not to get Republicans elected” but rather to “explain” what’s going on in government. The venture is being funded – to the tune of $3 million dollars – by a Wyoming financier named Foster Freiss.  The site debuted with the fascinating story of yet another White House dinner crasher, but by midday that story had been replaced by something that will probably be debated ad nauseum by political pundits and journalists for most of today – the announcement that former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is joining Fox News.

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Gordon Brown defends the NHS on Twitter (Wired Gov)

August 17, 2009 Leave a comment

Defying convention (as well as a long-standing rule that British officials not wade into US domestic policy battles), British PM Gordon Brown has joined hundreds of other Brits in support of the NHS on Twitter.  Gordon’s response was triggered by a series of conservative-backed ads in the United States.  The ads, which challenge US President Obama’s healthcare reform plan, attempted to use the NHS as an example of socialized healthcare gone bad. Unfortuately for the ad’s sponsors, the recipients of that healthcare program have disagreed vehemently…